What we do

What arethe necessities
of life?

   Any ordinary person would probably say breathable air, edible food, and clean water. What happens when a whole population has to survive without one of those vital resources? Unfortunately, we are still seeing this in many parts of the world. Although we who have clean water take it for granted, many people are not so fortunate.

   A huge population of the world including a large number of children are stuck drinking dirty water that is contaminated by pathogens, parasites, and other dangerous substances. This means that the harmful materials are being ingested regularly causing sickness and even death. 

   This is what we are working against. We want to provide a brighter future to everyone who does not have access to clean water, but especially families with children. 

   Five thousand children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. This is five thousand too many. We believe that if we can provide clean water to these families, we can drastically decrease the number of deaths caused by dirty water. 

Old Retro Iron Camp Kettle Boiling Water On A Fire In Forest. Br

It's about
10Ton Co2
per Year!

Trees required to heat the water for one family of 6 :

Between 239 to 478 Trees per year!

Ax and a pile of firewood

   Part of our actions is to provide Sawyer Water Filters! Inexpensive and easily transported, these filters are the perfect solution to finding a way to provide sustainable clean water to people who need it.

   Instead of trying to bring clean water to remote places, we encourage people to clean the water they already have! Sawyer Filters use a Foam + Filtration system to get rid of viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, and many other harmful substances. They can also be washed and reused!

   Obviously, our primary objective is to supply a vital necessity to human beings who need it, but another awesome benefit to using the Sawyer Filters is that they not only save lives, they as well help us reach a real carbon neutrality.

   Our carbon footprint has been steadily increasing, and we want to see that change. Instead of burning wood to boil water to collect the condensation as clean water, people can use the filter. This saves trees and lives!

How do we
Help ?

Village house in cambodian countryside

Don’t believe us?
Check out these stats:

   There are 365 days in a year. The average family consists of 6 members. This means that the average family uses around 8 gallons of water per day. Using this model, a family that replaces a wood burning stove or open fire with a Sawyer Filter to produce clean water will saves 239 – 478 trees a year. 

   That’s just one family! All the Sawyer Filters in use today save 475,000,000 trees a year! Helping a family in need should save around 300 trees per year and then save at least 10 tons of Carbon Dioxide since the first year. Year 5, your action would have saved 1.500 trees, therefore significantly decreasing your carbon footprint. 

Donkey in front of an old house

All in all, we are so dedicated and so excited about this work.

   These are real people with real needs. They need our support, and more importantly, your support. We want to save lives, and we want to do it in a way that allows us to save the environment as well. 

   We hope you will join us on our journey to easily accessible clean water and a cleaner environment.

Help us save lives. We together can act now to make it stop!​